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Captioned pictures taken in Super Smash Bros. Brawl with a humorous effect. Not going to lie, there will most likely be a lot of butt-rape-age happening.

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Co authors wanted
Co authors wanted

Oct 23 2009

Good news.... and bad news...

Goods news! The site is doing very, very good. Bad news? Well two actually two i had the H1N1 thingy, sucked. The doctor said since i was healthy they didnt need to worry about >_> good doctoring eh? Second? I went to create another site for me :) but couldnt a) make a banner >__> and i cant get the size past 500KB so unless i can find a free and also virus free download for photoshop and learn to make banners im sticking to one site.

Oct 09 2009


Yes the following update will be the funniest update you have seen on LOLbrawl. When you mix me, my brother, and genuis, and another genuis with tourette's it will always equal awesome.

Sep 14 2009

No posts :(

I know... school is bringing a lot more homework then i thought :( but maybe the next weekend it will be crappy outside and nothing to do i will update!

Aug 28 2009

Hello Again!!

Well thats a LOT of updates in a couple of days. Dont know if there will be more because all my buddies are gone :'( and its not as fun playing brawl by your self.. And since school is coming...rapidly...TOO fast updates will PROBABLY slow down. Well thats a quick news post before i head out CYAZ!!

Aug 26 2009

Guarnteed ONE prostate joke!!

Yes that will our tag line... at least one prostate joke when your reading comics here at LOLbrawl, hell we will give one free prostate exam... (bring your own gloves)

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